Commercialising Sustainable Technologies

Rapid Innovation Group is a commercialisation firm focused on high impact industrial technologies that have a global application where defensibility is primarily based on the strength of their intellectual property

Annual global average temperatures from 1850-2018
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We partner with pioneers and innovators

RIG partners with innovators and pioneers. Our clients are emerging, high potential companies located predominantly in the sustainable technology ecosystem. We operate internationally within a broader network of investors, corporates, and innovation funding bodies.

We apply a specialist stage-specific skillset to pioneer the commercialisation of new technologies as they seek to navigate the journey from the lab, through initial adoption and growth, to early scale.

We see the shift to a sustainable, clean, low carbon economy as an urgent, existential, and moral imperative as well as an immense economic and investment opportunity.

We acknowledge there is now an acute need for speed and for an exponential increase in investment and adoption.

We believe that the business opportunity lies not merely in minimising harm, cost, and risk but equally importantly in realising positive benefits and capitalising upon new opportunities.

We recognise that the world is in the foothills of making this extraordinary socio-economic shift that can be an engine of positive wealth creation for decades to come.

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Industrial Decarbonisation
Circular Economy
Advanced Materials

Practice Areas

Our overlapping practices are defined by the companies we work with, by the evolving interests and competence of our people, and by the strategic desire to impact macro sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity challenges.

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