Doing the right deal

Graham Spencer on 2018-04-20

Throughout the history of deal-making, folks have conceived of successful negotiations as being the ones where they “won.”  ...

How early is too early: knowing when to engage your customer

Ffion Rolph on 2018-02-21

“But we need to develop 3 phases of prototypes, go through accelerated life testing, and get 10 patents granted”. Or so go the usual protestations against early market engagement. The value of bringing partners and customers into the conversation at an early stage is often trumped by fear. “They’ll steal my technology”. “It isn’t advanced enough”. “They won’t understand it”....

Thoughts on Crypto Assets, Initial Coin Offerings, and the Utility Value of Blockchain Technology

David Gates on 2018-02-12

Thoughts on Crypto assets, Initial Coin Offerings, and the Utility Value of Blockchain TechnologyNew to Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies? Read this primer....

Air pollution: a public health concern

James Evangelou on 2018-01-24

Cycling home over Waterloo bridge a couple of weeks ago I was surprised by my breathlessness and coughing fit that ensued. At first I thought it was a testament to my fitness levels, but turning on the news that night my concern grew from its initial trivial and personal worry.  ...

Life is beautiful: in memory of JP

on 2018-01-02

JP had all of the energy and passion of the entrepreneur.
He was also a lovely man. Full of good cheer and resilient enthusiasm.  ...