Thoughts on Crypto Assets, Initial Coin Offerings, and the Utility Value of Blockchain Technology

David Gates on 2018-02-12

Thoughts on Crypto assets, Initial Coin Offerings, and the Utility Value of Blockchain TechnologyNew to Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies? Read this primer....

Air pollution: a public health concern

James Evangelou on 2018-01-24

Cycling home over Waterloo bridge a couple of weeks ago I was surprised by my breathlessness and coughing fit that ensued. At first I thought it was a testament to my fitness levels, but turning on the news that night my concern grew from its initial trivial and personal worry.  ...

Life is beautiful: in memory of JP

on 2018-01-02

JP had all of the energy and passion of the entrepreneur.
He was also a lovely man. Full of good cheer and resilient enthusiasm.  ...

Start Small

Simon Jackson on 2017-12-15

A CEO we are working with asked me today about how large a deal she should look to do with an agricultural foundation that could become a big partner. As her company’s technology solves a major problem for them, she was aware that there was the potential to do a big initial deal but her instinct was to start small.  ...

Creating International Currencies

David Gates on 2017-11-30

Currencies enable commerce, acting as a recognised standard unit of exchange; they are closely associated with nation states – usually being either created or controlled by governments, within their (geographic) spheres of economic and legal influence.   ...