James Evangelou

Engagement Director

Following his graduation from Cambridge University in 2014, James spent time teaching in both South Korea and Sri Lanka before joining RIG in 2016 with an initial focus on energy generation technologies.

Today, he is an Engagement Director who leads on market discovery and validation to ensure strategic and high-value commercial execution. He emphasises the criticality of validating value propositions throughout the value chain, and establishing every role that must be played in bringing an emerging technology to market. This, he sees as an essential part of structuring successful commercial deals.

Co-leading the industrial decarbonisation practice with Ffion, James’ interest spans 4 broad thematic areas: the built environment, heavy industry, grid and transport. He is excited by technologies that solve the challenges in each of these interconnected areas.

Currently he is building a network of solution partners that can leverage the value of circuit-level electricity data to deliver innovative solutions to Industrial and Commercial energy users. He is also implementing the licensing strategy for a world-leading CCU technology with the potential to utilise and capture millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide each year whilst treating industrial wastes within the process.